What I’ve Learned At 31

I just turned 31 a few days ago.

And with each passing year, I gain little bit of knowledge, which is sometimes sought after, but more often than not, it comes in the form of life experience.

It’s what we call “life just happens” type of experience.

As a way of giving back, I’d like to offer my two cents on career, as it seems to be the topic that has often popped up in conversation over the last year.

Rushing into a career straight out of high school or even college can be frustrating for a young adult. Specially if you’re dealing with high expectations coming from friends, and family.

In lieu of that tremendous pressure, I offer you this:

1.- I once heard someone say this: “Take your time, but hurry” This stuck with me, and I’ve contemplated it’s meaning for a few years now. At this point in my life, it means to do something now. You don’t need to rush perfection, all you need to do is get started. Take action now.

2.- The activities you involve yourself in, and the skills you learn between 20-30 years old, will determine your profession. Whether that be school, or a job as a waiter, you will achieve a professional skill, and outcome. Be conscious of this, and choose a path that will take you where you wish to go.

3.- Don’t be scared to try. The question is not if you will fail, because odds are that you will. The real question is will you give up?

I’m hoping this three things help you sort out your future today. While it’s by no means an answer to all your questions, I’m hopeful that it’ll be a small but important turning stone at this stage of your life.